Xiaomi RoboRock S50 Review

Today we’ll take a look at a robotic vacuum cleaner from China … the RoboRock S50 from Xiaomi. It is not the first vacuum robot from the company .. but for us it is the first test on a device of the manufacturer. The reviews for the device at various dealers are very good .. so we are curious how he asserted himself against the competition of iRobot, Ecovacs or Neato.

Test result RoboRock S50

Roborock S50




cleanliness 92%
domestic equipments 93%
handling 89%

Technical specifications:

  • Running time: 150 min
  • Charging time 180 min
  • Dimensions: 9.9 x 35 cm
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Water tank: 0.48l
  • Dust container: 0.5l
  • Volume: 66dB
  • Doorstep overcome: 2cm

Experience with the RoboRock S50

The robotvacuum from China looks really nice. But being beautiful alone is no longer enough these days. Let’s see what he can do.



The first impression of the RoboRock S50

Delivered you get the part in a conventional brown box.  If you take out the robotvacuum, you will notice immediately that it is heavier than for example the devices of iLife. The vacuum robot has a very high quality. There are three buttons on the front of the RoboRock S50. The right button commands the robot to return to the charging station. The left instructs him to clean at the current location. In the middle is the ON / OFF switch. The robotic vacuum cleaner looks really good and looks very high quality of processing. There is really nothing to complain about.

How good is the navigation.

Before driving off, the RoboRock S50 creates a map of the room. He does that by means of a rotating laser. If the room was mapped, it starts with the edge cleaning. After that, he leaves the rest of the room in trains. Even obstacles are reliably detected and bypassed. Also check out the following video. You can see him moving through the room. The video is in Chinese but you can see very well how the robot navigates through the apartment. The lady really does not make it easy for the robot. He still strikes himself very well.

What is the suction power?

The is pretty good with 2000 pa .. comparable to the 800 series of iRobot. If the suction robot detects a carpet, the suction power is increased again. This can only be the expensive Roomba 980/981 from iRobot. In the above video you can see that larger crumbs pose no problem for the vacuum robot.

How does the RoboRock S50 work as a mop?

The water tank of about 0.5l is big enough. Vacuuming and wiping at the same time is not possible with this device. Since the container must be exchanged. The water is evenly distributed on the ground. Puddles did not arise. Only one has to keep in mind that he does not stop in front of carpets. So they are also made nose. Otherwise, the wiping performance is satisfactory.

Their are more features inkluded?

The RoboRock S50 has a lot more features. For example, he gives voice messages … and even in German. If you are annoyed, you can switch it off via the mobile app. Doors up to 2cm are no problem for the robotic vacuum cleaner. On the phone you can see a map of the room. In addition, cleaning times can still be set. You also get feedback about the wearing parts, such as the side brushes. In our opinion, the mobile app needs an update. She has not run completely round with us yet.

The robot is also easily controllable without a mobile app. In addition, he can still be connected to Alexa or Google. The RoboRock S50 can actually do (almost) everything that today’s vacuum robots should be capable of. But it would be nice if he could suck and wipe at the same time. In addition, there is no limit as iRobot the Virtual Wall or Neato the NO-GO line.

Alternative robotvacuums for the RoboRock S50

If you can do without a wiping function, the Deebot 900/901 would be a good alternative. The range of functions and the performance can be regarded as equivalent. The Deebot mobile app works better, but he has a short term. From iRobot the Roomba e5 would be a good alternative. Although it is about 100 euros more expensive, but you get a virtual wall to do so. If you are looking for an equivalent device with wiping function, you have to take the Deebot OZMO 930.

Conclusion to the RoboRock S50

It is quite expensive for a robotvacuum from China. Comparing the price but with devices with the same equipment and quality is the price quite justified. There are many features included, besides, the suction power and the battery power. The navigation is also very good. As a wiping robot he can not compete with a Deebot OZMO 930 but with the Deebot OZMO SLIM 10 certainly. The mobile app needs urgently an update. But we think the RoboRock S50 is better than any iLife device. Even the A8 can not keep up with the functionality. When buying, be sure to buy the international version otherwise everything is in Chinese. A tip from us. Also check out Ebay. There are also new devices and sometimes they are cheaper than at Amazon.

500 pounds for a robot too much …. then you can even look at the tests for our robotvacuums about 300 pounds

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Roborock S50








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