Trifo a robotics manufacturer introduces new vacuum robot in front of the Ironpie

Trifo, a relative new robotics manufacturer, caused quite a stir at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. They have presented a vacuum robot the Ironpie, which it should have in the manufacturer. We will tell you in this article what makes the vacuum robot so special.

A robot vacuum that learns too?

Trifo’s Ironpie features a powerful ARMv8 A quad-core chip. This is currently one of the best chips in the world. In combination with the built-in camera, the vacuum robot should get to know each other better at home every day.

He is constantly creating a map of his home, so he always knows where he is and where he needs to go, all for only US $ 300. That’s impressive. The only robotic vacuum cleaner that has a camera is the Roxxter from Bosch and costs about 1000 euros. You can also watch the live pictures of your home while you’re on the go. In addition, a tracking map will be created, indicating the path traveled by the Ironpie.

Ironpie Saugroboter

What does the robotic vacuum cleaner look like?

By design, the Ironpie is nothing special. It’s a bit like the A40 from iLife. The robotic vacuum cleaner will be available from February in elegant white or black.

Ironpie ... what else is there?

The suction power is specified by the manufacturer with 1800 pa. That’s really neat. The battery should last for one hour. The vacuum robot needs 5 hours to recharge. Whether there is a virtual boundary, resume mode or carpet recognition is not yet known. But we have ordered a device. As soon as we have the Ironpie, there is a detailed test on the device as usual.

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