Robot Vacuum Help

Buying a robot vacuum cleaner is an important decision and must be carefully considered in order to avoid false buying. Do you have pets at home? Is your apartment suitable for automatic vacuuming at all? Are you allergic and do you need a special device? You get the Robot Vacuum Help on this page. 

Robot Vacuum Help for free

You still have questions about the suction robot. Are not sure which model is right for you. Then do not hesitate and just ask a professional.

After all, it’s about a bigger investment. We are happy to help you with your problem. Please provide as much information as possible so that we can choose the right vacuum robot for you. The following information would be very useful.

  • Are you allergic?
  • Smokes someone in the household?
  • Are animals present in the household?
  • Which flooring is available?
  • How much should he cost?
  • Is her home very angled?
  • Is little daylight available?

Simply send an email to ““. Usually, we will reply within two hours.

In addition, you can still browse our buying guide. There we give lots of tips about vacuum robots and explain what to you have to look  before buying.

or you would prefer to rummage in our latest vacuum robot reviews … then the following vacuum robots are interesting for you that are listed according to the topicality.

iRobot Roomba 890 Robotvacuum Review
Robotvacuum Expert

IRobot Roomba 895 robot vacuum review

iRobot Roomba 895 .. close to the 900 series IRobot launches a new 800 series vacuum robot, the Roomba 895. This model is one of the only models in the 800 series that can be controlled via the App. How good

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Test du robot d'aspiration iLife A7
Robotvacuum Expert

iLife A7 robot vacuum review

The first iLife with mobile app is here Finally the time has come. The iLife A7 comes with a mobile app. That was synonymous time. The A7 is the successor to the A8 (no idea what iLife thinks there😂). How

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Test de robot sous vide Botvac D4 Connected
Robotvacuum Expert

Neato Botvac D4 Connected review

Botvac D4 Connected … technology miracle? Neato presents the Botvac D4 , D6 and D7 Connected at the IFA 2018 in Berlin. He looks well … we need to get used to but what is in it is unique for

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