iRobot Roomba e5 154 / 152 robotic vacuum cleaner Review

Before Christmas, iRobot brings another new device into the market. The Roomba e5. We tested the vacuum robot for you and tell you what’s new. Whether it is as good as all iRobot devices in terms of quality, and where it fits into the iRobot product range, you will find out in our detailed review.

Test results for Roomba e5154 / 152

Roomba e5152



cleanliness 93%
domestic equipments 84%
handling 89%

Technical specifications::

  • Run Time:: 60 min
  • Charging Time 180 min
  • Dimensions : 13,3 x 3,6 in
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs
  • Dust Bin Capacity: 0,5l
  • Noise Level 65 dB

iRobot Roomba e5 report

The Roomba e5 is the latest device from iRobot and should be classified in the 800 series. What is new and how well he does his job we tell you😊

Suitable for...

Not suitable for...

What is the principle of the robot navigates ?

The iRobot Roomba e5 has to clean from a technical point of view according to the Choas principle because it has no cameras. He drives randomly through the apartment. In my 50 m2 apartment he was traveling about 60 minutes. He has reached every job. The spot cleaning function I could recognize. If he finds a coarsely polluted place, it is often run over in a circle. Special in the entrance of my apartment, the Roomba e5 is very happy. When the battery runs out, he finds his home reliably and recharges himself. He can reliably detect objects that could break. The navigation is at a high level.

Even more suction power available?

iRobot says that the suction power has been increased again with this device. We can confirm that. Animal hair as well as hard-soiled areas are absolutely no problem for the vacuum cleaner. The rubber rollers installed here automatically adapt to the floor covering. This in combination with the high suction power also thoroughly cleans medium-pile carpets. As soon as he detects a carpet, the rollers are lowered, making full use of the suction power. Any kind of dirt is not a problem for the iRobot Roomba e5.

So that even corners and edges are cleaned, a round brush is installed on the side. This leads the dirt from the edges to the rubber rollers.

The Roomba e5 has made new friends.

iRobot offer a free app for Android and IOS. By means of this various settings can be made at the vacuum robot. For example, a cleaning plan can be created. The interface is similar to this function of a normal alarm clock app. In addition, the cleaning activities and the cleaning process can be monitored. Software updates can also be imported via the app.

In addition, it is still possible using the app to connect the Roomba e5 with Alexa from Amazon. The two understand each other very well. Even with Google Assistant, the vacuum cleaner can be easily controlled.

In summary … the app works very well in compilation with Alexa. It is self-explanatory and runs very stable. If you do not like an app … No problem … The vacuum robot can also be controlled very comfortably without an app.

What is new compared to the 800 series of iRobot?

On the one hand, the suction power has been increased again. That is also very good with the other devices. For carpets, the Roomba e5 is better than the 800 series. Then the new system for emptying the dirt container convinced us. It is now possible to rinse the container comfortably with water.

This is just a small innovation but it really makes sense. In the previous models that was even more laborious to clean. In general, the Roomba e5 is very low maintenance. Hair and dirt almost do not stick to the brushes. This eliminates the annoying cleaning almost.

A virtual wall is still there

This small part can be put up anywhere in the apartment. This draws a virtual line in the room that the robotic vacuum cleaner does not cross. For example this is useful if you have children. In the nursery there are often Lego bricks that can be vacuum in. By means of this wall one can prevent the robot from driving into the room and being damaged.

Conclusion to the Roomba e5154 / 152

The suction power is unique on the market. So you have no problem with so much pollution. Only with hochflorigen carpets one must still ran themselves. But no vacuum robot can do that well at the moment. In addition, it is the least-maintenance vacuum robot that we have tested so far. With the new system for emptying and the rubber rollers, you do not have to do anything. iRobot has achieved a great price-performance ratio with the Roomba e5. It makes no sense to buy a vacuum cleaner of the 800 series. They cost the same amount. Better buy this. Only the Roomba 980/981 is even better, but it costs twice as well. 

Approximately 500 pounds for a robotic vacuum cleaner is too much for you .. then have a look at our robot tests for up to  300 pounds

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