IRobot Roomba 895 robot vacuum review

iRobot Roomba 895 .. close to the 900 series

IRobot launches a new 800 series vacuum robot, the Roomba 895. This model is one of the only models in the 800 series that can be controlled via the App. How good he is and what he can tell you in this article.

Test results : iRobot Roomba 895

Roomba 895



cleanliness 87%
domestic equipments 85%
handling 90%

Technical specifications:

  • Run Time: 60 min
  • Charging Time: 180 min
  • Dimensions : 13.5 x 3.5 in
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Dust Bin Capacity: 0.6l
  • Noise Level 58 dB

iRobot Roomba 895 report

Where can this robot be classified in the iRobot family. He is very close to the 900 series. How close … we tell you.

Suitable for...

Not suitable for...

Report on the vacuum robot Roomba 895

The IRobot Roomba 895 cleans in chaos principle like its predecessor. He does not map the room like the Roomba 980 or the Roomba 960 before he start to vacuum. Nevertheless, he covers the room pretty well. It can be seen that he often drives over heavily polluted areas. In addition, a virtual wall is included in the delivery. This allows you to define areas where he should not vacuum. He then releases a radius of 0.7 in around the walls. That can be very useful. Thanks to its special rollers, the robotic vacuum cleaner never gets tangled. So long pet hair is no problem for the Roomba 895.

What about the suction power

The suction power is just as good as his little brother. But that’s enough. Hair or coarse polluted spot cleans the IRobot Roomba 895 with ease.

Due to the good suction power, the volume is quite high. With 58 dB, it is in the upper range, special in parquet floors. The suction robot informs you about its current operating status via voice output.

A very great feature is the mobile app. Via WLAN, you can then use your mobile phone to access the vacuum cleaner robot at any time and control it. Useful data such as the level can be easily retrieved. Or you just give him a new job. In addition, the robot can be controlled by language. The Roomba 895 can be easily integrated into your home via Alexa style. 

Conclusion to the iRobot Roomba 895

The vacuum robot belongs to the upper middle class. The workmanship is good. Many extras are included, such as the Virtual Wall or voice control. The cleaning performance is impeccable, only with high-pile carpets he has his problems. A great feature is the Virtual Wall.This makes it easy to demarcate areas.Very useful for animal lovers. But if you are looking for a high-quality mid-range device and also want many extras, you can confidently access this robot. A tip from us. Also look at Ebay and compare the price. They also have new devices and you can save a lot of money.

You are a total technique freak and just want the best of the best … then have a look at the Botvac D4 Connected from Neato . This is technology of the finest but of course a lot more expensive.

or you are looking for a cheap other vacuum robot cleaner …. Then look at the vacuum robots under 300 pounds.

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