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Passionate testing

I am an electrical engineering student in the last semester. Previously, I studied computer science. Technology is my passion, especially the little helpers in the household i like very. When I tested my first device, I was amazed how good the robots are work.


There is very little advertising on vacuum robot Info and that will stay that way. I only advertise for selected partners who also fit well with my page. So before you write to me, please read the following section carefully.

This site has been in existence since 2017 and is one of the most up-to-date, up-to-date and popular vacuum robot reporting sites in Europe. People who come to my side want to buy a vacuum robot. The range of these devices is now very large and continues to increase annually. For newcomers it is very difficult … what must he be able to do … which brand is good for me … is the robotic vacuum also good for carpets .. etc. I want to help.

The following partnerships are possible with me. If you have any other ideas, and they also fit my principle … please let me know.


Product test

If you are convinced of your product ... then dare. I will test it in detail for you and make a report.


This is a very popular way to advertise and create a win to win situation.

Guest Article

Would you like to post on your blog about a suction robot? .. No problem !!


This is only possible in the sidebar. In individual cases also in the article.

Your idea

I'm curious ... let me know

Lasting partnership

Does your business or product suit me ... yes, why not then permanently?


Transparent labeling of advertising

All tests sponsored, as well as advertisements or sponsored post are invariably marked as such. I’m not interested in a link exchange. Please no inquiries in this regard


All contributions are written by myself. Please do not send any templates to me. These will not be used. Most photos and videos are made by myself. Finished press texts will never find a way on my side. Only my own opinion is published here.


Collaboration only makes sense if your product or your shop suits me. Basically, everything revolves around suction and mopping robots. However, the portfolio will be extended to other robots. In future, mowing robots, window cleaning robots, learning robots and pure wiping robots will also be presented here.

You are still looking for a partnership

beautiful ! What are you waiting for? Just write me😊


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