Hand vacuum cleaner Eufy HomeVac H11 review

I normally only test vacuum robots. They also do a good job but you can’t do it without another vacuum cleaner. That’s why I got a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Strictly speaking, the HomeVac H11 Eufy. This should serve as a support for the vacuum robots. Let’s see how well he does in the test.

What is included in the HomeVac H11

  • Hand vacuum cleaner HomeVac H11
  • USB charging cable
  • Additional brush attachment
  • quick start Guide

With the hand-held vacuum cleaner, everything is included. The USB charging cable is practical. As a result, the device is also well suited for use in the car

Eufy HomeVac H11 hand vacuum test report

The hand vacuum cleaner looks very high quality and noble and lies well in the hand. Generally a nice design. The suction power is stated by Eufy as 5500 pa. This is an enormous value for a hand-held vacuum cleaner. This also makes the Eufy HomeVac H11 quite loud. It is suitable for all types of dirt. The battery power is specified by Eufy as 13 min. It’s almost true. In my test, he did 11 minutes. Sounds little, but is completely sufficient. The washable filter is also very practical.

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 0.6 kg
  • Running time: 11min
  • Suction power: 5500 pa
  • Charging time: approx. 1 hour
  • Volume: loud

Conclusion on the Eufy HomeVac H11

The device is a good addition to the vacuum robots from Eufy. This allows you to quickly remove cobwebs that the robot vacuum cannot reach. Due to the high suction power, the HomeVac H11 is also well suited for the car. The only negative I found was that the air is blown out below. This sometimes creates dust in the beginning. But you can get the hang of it quickly. Can only recommend the device.

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