General Tips for vacuum robots

On this page, we would like to give important vacuum robot tips and respond to various questions which we often get by comment or email.

  • How expensive does a vacuum robot have to be?
  • How often does he have to be cleaned?
  • What must be considered during the first commissioning?
  • Robot vacuum vs human

How expensive does a vacuum robot have to be?

This question is difficult to answer. Sure, I can tell you, let the fingers of vacuum cleaner under 100 pounds. Do not be fooled by the good reviews on Amazon. Among the devices that we tested under 100 dollars, none replaced only the partial vacuuming by hand. These devices usually have the intelligence of a broomstick.

A good introduction in this  topic is our bestseller list from Amazon, where the useless devices were removed from us. In the following we try to make a list according to the price.

Vacuum robots from 100 to 200 pounds

Well … I personally would add another hundred. The devices in this price range are high quality but the navigation is rather random. Fall protection, HEPA-FILTER own these devices but in part already. These robots should really only be bought if you have an apartment without heels, carpets and animals. Recommendations for this price range would be the suction robots from Eufy, Deebot and iLife. They are priced very cheap and also have some extras on board.

Vacuum robots from 200 to 400 pounds

In this price range are the most vacuum robots. These devices (not all) detect the soil type and increase the suction power depending on the substrate. Some iRobot devices are also available in this price range, such as the Roomba 606 or Roomba 676. The newer devices can all be controlled with a mobile app. Compilations of suction and wiping robots can also be purchased for under 400 pounds. The navigation of the robots ranges from the Choas principle to systematic cleaning. Since you should know exactly how smart the devices are and what you need. If you have small paragraphs in the apartment or carpets, a threshold crossing function is necessary. In our tests you can quickly see if the function is available

Our Robot Vacuums reviews until 300 pounds

Vacuum robots from 400 pounds

From this price range you get suction robot with all functions. These devices create a virtual map of the home and clean it systematically. If the battery gets empty and cleaning is not finished yet, these devices recharge themselves and start where you left off. Even no-go lines or prohibitions where you can not clean them can be conveniently set by app. If you have dark rooms or a dark floor, then most robots have problems. Then you have to grab a suction robot with laser technology. The suction robots from Neato are equipped with this technology.

Our Robot Vacuums reviews from 300 pounds

How often does a robot vacuum cleaner have to be cleaned?

These vacuum cleaner tips are very important. The above question is not easy to answer. The size of the dust container is a good integrator. Cheap vacuum robots with a capacity of about 0.3 liters must be emptied approximately every second trip. Devices from 200 pounds such as the Roomba 615 from the company IRobot has a capacity of 0.7 liters. This will allow you to get along without cleaning for a long time. In addition, I have the experience that the brush must be cleaned about once a month. Suction robots that have a direct suction are a lot less maintenance, since no hair caught.

What must be considered during the initial start of a robotic vacuum cleaner

  • Clear everything away.
  • In particular, the way to the charging station must remain free
  • Do not leave the vacuum cleaner alone at the beginning
  • Test how the robotic vacuum responds to steps / stairs
  • Make sure that it stops in front of sensitive objects

Robot Vacuum vs human

We get this question very often. Can a vacuum robot really take over the complete cleaning independently in a household? I always answer YES to that. The vacuum cleaner does not make the apartment as clean as a human being during a walk, but he does it every day, even several times. No one can keep up. 

  • Works 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Comes under most furniture
  • Has no holiday
  • Are quieter like handsets
  • Various models clean the air
  • Robots can not clean stairs
  • Problems with paragraphs in the apartment
  • For animals mostly a good friend

If you live like me in a new apartment in which no stairs, heels or carpets are present, a vacuum robot can take over the work to 95%. Every 6 months, I still reach for the handset. These devices simply give you more free time.