Eufy RoboVac 35C vacuum robot test report

New RoboVac 35C from Eufy

Now Eufy has also upgraded its popular robotic vacuum robot RoboVac 30C. The new robot is named RoboVac 35C. We bought a device and tested it extensively. In the following test report, we will focus on the device as closely as possible. So if you want to know if it’s worth buying .. stay tuned. In addition, there are two videos to the cleaning robot.

RoboVac 35C vacuum robot test report

RoboVac 35C




cleanliness 91%
domestic equipments 87%
handling 90%

Technical specifications:

  • Running time: 100 min
  • Charging time: approx. 200 min
  • Dimensions: 7.5 cm x 32 cm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Capacity: 0.6
  • Volume: 50 dB

Eufy RoboVac 35C review

New design but is also something new here … hmm let’s see we tell you in the following Vacuum robot test report.

Suitable for...

Not suitable for...

Review of the Eufy RoboVac 35C MAX

The suction robots from Eufy are all bestsellers at Amazon. This is mainly because they are kept simple and simple and are still equipped with a decent suction power. In addition, the device is still very reliable. Failures or defects are not yet known to me. The price / performance ratio simply fits with the Eufy devices. Let’s see if the RoboVac 35C meets the high expectations.

Scope of delivery of the cleaning robot

  • the RoboVac 35C
  • the docking station
  • a power supply
  • two additional side brushes
  • an additional HEPA filter
  • a cleaning brush
  • a remote control
  • instructions
  • 5 cable ties
  • 5m bounding band
  • 6 adhesive strips

The delivery is pretty neat. A reordering of the wearing part is due in two years at the earliest. Most interesting is the bounding band. I’ll talk about that later.

Does the vacuum robot find its way around the apartment?

Like any cleaning robot from Eufy, the RoboVac 35C navigates the chaos principle. But that’s nothing negative and absolute standard in this price range. It can even be an advantage depending on the apartment. Above all, however, these devices compensate for the lack of navigation through a significantly longer runtime. The RoboVac 35C is very positive that it handles the furniture very gently compared to other vacuum robots such as the Neato BotVac D4. He also found in my 60 m2 apartment 100% to the charging station (about 50 attempts). Since the cheap devices from iRobot such as the Roomba 676 can not keep up.

The new design

It is immediately apparent that the design of the predecessor RoboVac 30C has done a lot. The most striking thing to notice is that one of the hardware buttons has been replaced by 4 touch buttons. This makes it possible to control the vacuum robot completely without a remote control or HandyApp. In addition, they look much better. At the back everything is the same.

The mobile app of the RoboVac 35C

The device and the operation of the app is self-explanatory. The design .. well, is a matter of taste. Mine is not. The positive thing about the app is that it runs very stable. You can not say that about other manufacturers. In the app, the suction power can be selected in three different modes, the cleaning modes are selected (4 modes are available) and set when the RoboVac 35C should start cleaning. And that was all. There is nothing more. There really is not much to complain about in the vacuum robots from Eufy, but then when the mobile app. There is no indication of the wear parts when they are to be replaced. It is not possible to set the mode with which the robot should clean itself at a certain time. Since he automatically takes the last used. You can not even change the name of RoboVac. This is a new facility due. Eufy really has to improve

Suction power of the RoboVac 35C

With 1500 pa, the robotic vacuum cleaner has a suction power that is sufficient for all floor coverings and animal hair. Nevertheless, there is more suction power from Eufy device like the RoboVac 15C MAX. He comes with a proud 2000pa. The suction power can be controlled by app or remote control in three modes. Standard, BoostIQ and Max. BoostIQ means that the vacuum robot itself decides between standard and maximum mode depending on the situation. If the RoboVac 35C rides a rug, it automatically switches to maximum mode. In standard mode, the cleaning robot is very quiet. He is one of the quietest devices on the market.

Suction robot limit options

A really cool feature is the limitation of the cleaning robot. For this you just have to place the supplied magnetic tape on the ground and the vacuum robot will not cross that line. It is also possible to put it under a carpet if you do not want the robotic vacuum cleaner to drive it. Or you put the tape under a delicate glass vase. Then this will not be approached. Cool thing.

So if you have children or animals or sensitive items in the apartment, that’s a nice thing. It’s quick and easy. But beware !! This does not work if you control the robot yourself via remote control.

RoboVac 11s MAX vs RoboVac 15C MAX vs RoboVac 35C

Which Eufy robot is the best for me? That depends on the particular living situation. Priced, they are almost the same. There are currently three new devices from Eufy, the RoboVac 11s MAX, the RoboVac 15C MAX and the RoboVac 35C. The suction power of the three devices is also sufficient for all situations. If you have rooms, area or sensitive objects in the apartment the vacuum robot should not start, then you have to buy the 35C. If not, I would buy the 15C Max. On the other hand, if you do not care about time management and Alex control, you can save about 30 Euros and buy the RoboVac 11s MAX.

Conclusion to the RoboVac 35C MAX

With the vacuum robot, Eufy once again presents a successful product at a fair price. The workmanship and the design have a high quality. The control and operation is kept simple. The navigation is standard, the suction power in the upper area. In addition, it is still possible to demarcate area. There is not much to moan. Only the mobile app could handle an update. Otherwise, I can only recommend the cleaning robot from Eufy.

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RoboVac 35C








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