Eufy Robovac 12 robot vacuum review

Upgrade for the Robovac 11

Anker is known for making charging stations. Now they have launched a new robotic vacuum cleaner, the Eufy Robovac 12. On Amazon, he is a bestseller. Is he really so good? I’ll tell you in the post.

Eufy Robovac 12 Review

Robovac 12



cleanliness 86%
domestic equipments 79%
handling 80%

Technical specifications:

  • Running time: 100 min
  • Charging time: 180 min
  • Dimensions: 7.8 × 33.5 cm
  • Weight: 3.90 kg
  • Bagless technique: Yes
  • Capacity: 0.5
  • Volume: 65 dB

Report on Eufy Robovac 12

The suction robot is the successor to the Robovac 11. What is new, you will find in the following review.

Suitable for...

Not suitable for...

Report on the Robotvacuum Eufy Robovac 12

The Eufy brand from Anker is new on the market. Then one wonders why then the number 12. The company has a large range of different robots. The 12 only points out that this is a vacuum robot. 
The Eufy Robovac 12 has no navigation system. He drives the space from random. Nevertheless, he achieves a very good surface coverage. You do not have to be afraid of collisions. Accordingly, he slowly feels his way to walls or objects. But no damage has ever occurred.

Time management and modes

There are three different cleaning modes for the vacuum robot. Automatic, edges and spot. These can be easily adjusted by remote control. In car mode, he automatically uses the right mode depending on the situation. Time management is not really there. You can only set a time. At this time the RoboVac 12 starts to vacuum every day. You can not set a variable there.

Again more suction

The suction power is decent for a device in this price range. Compared to the RoboVac 11, 200 more pa were packaged here. The suction performance is even better than that of the Roomba 605 from IRobot.
Despite the high suction power of the vacuum cleaner robot is pretty quiet. Many devices with the same performance are significantly louder. The workmanship is very high quality for such a cheap model. The Roomba 605 has a slightly better quality.
But that was also the case with the advantages of the Roomba 605 compared to the Eufy Robovac 12.
The Eufy has a longer battery. He also has a filter system for allergy sufferers. A remote control is still there. So that race is clearly going to the newcomer in the business.

Conclusion to Eufy Robovac 12

There is currently no better price / performance ratio in the market. He does his job well, in addition still quietly and filters by the way still the air. And all for the low price. So if you are looking for a beginner model, you are well served with the model. The Eufy is a good suction robot with many extras for a very low price. A tip from us. Also look at Ebay and compare the price. They also have new devices and you can save a lot of money.

You are a total technic freak and just want the best of the best … then have a look at the Botvac D4 Connected from Neato. This is technology of the finest but of course a lot more expensive.

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