Ecovacs Deebot 710 / 711 robot vacuum cleaner review

Ecovacs launches the Deebot 710 / 711

Ecovacs presents a new vacuum robot, the Deebot 710, at the IFA in Berlin. The vacuum robot comes with the Smart Navi 2.0 navigation technology. What that means and whether it is possibly even better than our current winner of Deebot 900, learn it .. in the following report

Ecovacs Deebot 710 / 711 Review:

Deebot 711



cleanliness 88%
domestic equipments 85%
handling 87%

Technical specifications:

  • Running time: 110 min
  • Charging time 240 min
  • Dimensions: 8.1 x 32.5 cm
  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Bagless technique: Yes
  • Capacity: 0.52l
  • Volume 65 dB
  • Threshold Pass (1.4cm)

Report on the Ecovacs Deebot 710 test

The vacuum robot comes with a new technology. How he is and what e can, we’ll tell you right away.

Suitable for...

Not suitable for...

How smart is the Ecovacs DEEBOT 710 / 711

To answer the same … very smart. It is equipped with Smart Navi 2.0 navigation. This technology allows the vacuum robot to record various points in space and merge them into a map of the room using a slam graphics algorithm. The Ecovacs Deebot 710 features this technology, you realize immediately. He has a simple plan to clean. No body is run over twice and nothing is left out. Compared to the Deebot 600 is the navigation in the car mode in this obviously better. We find it a pity that the map is not displayed on the mobile app and thus no interaction with the map are possible, such as the Deebot 900 for example.

Is there a suction power available?

To answer that in advance … yes, even neat. That actually applies to all suction robots from Ecovacs. The patented 3-stage cleaning system also picks up heavy crumbs from the floor. So who has many pet hair lying around, has no problem with the Deebot 710. The device detects even by various sensors coarsely soiled areas by various sensors are installed. If such a spot is detected, the suction power is increased again by 50%. It is also convenient that a direct suction can be attached to the vacuum robot. This eliminates the annoying animal hair remove on the brushes.

The suction robot from Ecovacs goes along with Alexa.

Thanks to the integrated WLAN interface, the Deebot 710 / 711 can easily be connected to the Ecovacs home app. This allows him to communicate with Alexa from Amazon. He also gets on well with the Google assistant. Furthermore, a cleaning plan for the vacuum robot can be created in the app. Even direct commands can be transmitted to the Deebot 710 via the app. The following images are from the German App but also English is available

Conclusion for the Ecovacs Deebot 710

The quality and the design are at a very high level. The control is actually self-explanatory. Through the connection to the Internet, the Deebot 710 / 711 can be accessed from anywhere. The cleaning performance and navigation need not hide from the top models that are a lot more expensive. It is comparable in performance to the Deebot 900 from Ecovacs. The only thing missing is a virtual limit. Nevertheless, there is a clear buy recommendation from us, since the price-performance ratio is right. A tip from us. Also look at Ebay and compare the price. They also have new devices and you can save a lot of money.

If you prefer a vacuum cleaner that can wipe, then take a look at the Deebot OZMO Slim 10 from Ecovacs. He was also presented new at the IFA.

Current Robotvacuums up to 300 Euro

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Ecovacs Deebot 710








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