Conoco RoboVac 1705 Cleaning Robot Test & Review

Conoco is a new vacuum robot manufacturer. The first device of them is called RoboVac 1705. Yes, there it rings at one or the other. RoboVac is actually a brand of Eufy. I do not know why these devices from Conoco are the same. In any case, they play in the same price range. You can find out how well the Conoco RoboVac 1705 strikes in our test in the following vacuum robot test report.

Review of the Conoco RoboVac 1705

Robovac 1705



cleanliness 81%
domestic equipments 72%
handling 85%

Technical specifications:

  • Running time: 100 min
  • Charging time: 180 min
  • Dimensions: 7,8×35 cm
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Bagless technique: Yes
  • Capacity: 0.75
  • Volume: 65 dB

Report on the Conoco RoboVac 1705

Conoco’s first vacuum robot looks simple. Let’s see what he can. We’ll tell you if it’s worth buying a RoboVac 1705.

Suitable for...

Not suitable for...

Test report & review of the Conoco RoboVac 1705 suction robot

The design and workmanship did not really convince us. This is not bad but not special. Operation is only possible with the supplied remote control. A mobile app is looking for in vain. The battery life of 100 minutes is neat. The navigation of the Conoco RoboVac 1705 falls under the chaos principle. That’s standard in this price range so nothing bad. As usual, with me, I would not recommend as such robotic vacuum cleaner for larger apartments over 60 m2, since he finds it difficult to find back to the station.

Suction power sufficient?

From the suction robot manufacturer, the suction power is given as 1500 Pa. That’s enough for all types of floors. Even if animal harrows hang in the carpet or lying around larger crumbs, the Conoco RoboVac 1705 has no problems. With 1500 Pa, this vacuum robot plays more in the upper area. Well, I also found that there is still a quiet mode. There is the vacuum robot then at a volume in the range of RoboVac 15C MAX of Eufy. These two devices are the quietest sucker I know right now. In addition to the quiet mode, there are the usual modes such as auto, edges and spot cleaning mode. In car mode, he drives the area in lanes like the Deebot 600/601 of Ecovacs.

Conclusion to the Conoco RoboVac 1705

The suction robot has not thrown me off the stool now. The design, the workmanship is rather cheap. In addition, only the most necessary functions are involved. A mobile app as well as a limitation possibility one searches in vain for this device. I have to mention positively the suction power. She is very neat. Nevertheless, that’s not enough for a recommendation from me. For about 200 euros there are many devices on the market that can do more, as well as the RoboVac 15C MAX from Eufy or the Deebot OZMO Slim 11 from Ecovacs.

You are not sure which vacuum robot is the right one for you? then the following article from me might be just right for you. There I explain, according to which criteria one should choose a suction robot. In other words, which robot suits your apartment.

In the following are still test to Saugrobotern to 300 euros listed. Maybe there is also a device for you.

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Conoco RoboVac 1705








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