Amarey A900 vacuum robot test

The Amarey A900 is a new home help, more specifically a new vacuum cleaner with interesting features in an optical eye on the upper side of the device. We looked at the cleaning robot and tell them what’s in it.

Amarey A900 review

A 900



cleanliness 89%
domestic equipments 90%
handling 94%

Technical specifications:

  • Running time: 110 min
  • Charging time: 190 min
  • Dimensions: 7.5×32.5 cm
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Bagless technique: Yes
  • Capacity: 0.5
  • Volume: 55 dB

Report on the Amarey A900

The vacuum robot has a big eye up. What this is .. hmm I’ll tell you in the following review of the cleaning robot

Suitable for...


  • Amarey A900
  • charging station
  • 4 side brushes
  • 1 extra HEPA filter
  • Remote control
  • including batteries
  • 2m magnetic tape
  • cleaning brush

Amarey A900 speaks very feminine

I am not sure but I think as the vacuum robot speaks it is a female cleaning aid. Something new among the existing vacuum robots. Amarey A900 speaks to you when it’s turned on, when it’s done and when you send it out. However, the voice output is only available in English. The enclosed instructions are in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. The mobile app is also available in all languages. It is also possible to control Amarey with Alexa and Google Assistant via voice.

Does she have brains too?

Yes, she definitely has. The cleaning is very systematic and she always knows where she already was. Even if you lift the vacuum robot somewhere else, she goes back to the spot. In the app is created a map of the way what Amarey A900 has taken. Even a room change is no problem for them. Very good, I also think that you do not stop at dependency. She feels her way slowly. As a result, she goes under the bed with me. Most other suckers do not do that. You can complain about the navigation only on the way back to the station. It takes a long time. But she always found the station. In addition, it is still possible to point out by magnetic tape Amarey that they may not drive a certain area.

Amarey A900 vacuum robot design and processing

The design is very chic and looks very high quality. On the top is a fine glass plate. In addition, the optical sensor looks like an eye on top. The dust container is on the back. By depressing two points, it can be opened. I like it better than the standard containers from other manufacturers.

Control via app and remote control.

The Amarey A900 can be almost completely controlled with the supplied remote control. Only the time management is not possible. This is the Handyapp necessary for IOS and Android. If there are problems with setting up the app, that’s probably because of the frequency of your modem. It only supports 2.4 Ghz. In the app, the cleaning modes (4 are available) choose, set when Amarey A900 clean and you can also see a map where she has cleaned. The map is really good through the optical sensors above. Where other vacuum robots detect a couch as a wall is not the case with Amarey. Basically a nice and simple app. I’m missing because still the display of the wearing parts.

Suction power and volume of the cleaning robot

The suction power is specified by the manufacturer with 1400 pa. This is average, but sufficient for all types of soil and hair. This can still be controlled via app or remote control. Noteworthy is the volume of Amarey A900. This is really quiet, even quieter like an Eufy RoboVac 15C MAX. You can not sleep, but when you watch TV did not bother me.

Test report / Conclusion for the Amarey A900

The Amarey A900 is smart, so finds the way in the apartment. In addition, it is very quiet although the suction power is sufficient for all types of soil. Furthermore, it is possible to demarcate rooms by magnetic tape. The design as well as the workmanship are also at a very high level. There is little to moan about. For example, it takes a long time to get back to the charging station. In addition, I would like in the Handyapp an ad for the wearing parts. If you are looking for a domestic help for a change, you will surely be happy with Amarey.

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